Current Issues

Boating Safety

This past summer, there was an increase in the number of new boaters heading out on Lake Erie. As seasoned boaters, we are well aware that novice boaters are dangerous. In an effort to aid in common mariner practices, our organization is offering assistance with local authorities to remind others of best practices. 


N&S 1 Bridge

There have been many reports of recreational and commercial vessels being held up at the first bridge at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. We ask that if you encounter long delays at the bridge, you file a bridge_delay_report. This will hopefully limit the delays of boating traffic held by the bridge. You can also go to the Public Notice for Bridges at for bridge information.

Homeland Security

GCBA regularly attends regular meetings involving Lake Erie and the South Shore. We are notified of all alerts and notices to Mariners to keep our country and borders safe. Recently, we have some information as to what US Immigrations & Customs will require recreational boaters to do when traveling from the US and Canada. Please keep in mind that this information can change and could change on a day to day basis. Please check the website regularly for updates. See: Department of Homeland Security website

Cleveland Lakefront Plan

Since the summer of 2002, The GCBA has been actively involved in the Cleveland Lakefront planning process. We have a member of our Political Action team as a representative for recreational boating on the Cleveland Lakefront. We have attended many public and committee meetings representing all boating interests on Cleveland’s Lakefront.

We have formed a Committee in GCBA called Recreational Boaters Protecting Cleveland’s Waterfront. They have been meeting monthly to look at the plans, and keep a watchful eye on the Lakefront planning process. We are also trying to work with the City of Cleveland and the City Planning Commission to make our lakefront better for boating and for everyone that enjoys our entire lakefront.

As of September of 2005, the City of Cleveland has unveiled its master plan for Cleveland’s Lakefront. It has been revised many times. See the Cleveland Waterfront District Plan website