GCBA Events


Inter-Lake Yachting Association Regattas Flyer


  • 8th, E-Board Meeting 1930 at Intercity Yacht Club
  • 14th, General Meeting 1930 at Northeast Yacht Club
  • 16th-20th, Progressive Boat Show, IX Center
  • 18th, Deadline for Winter Bowling Rendezvous entries
  • 26th, 58th Annual G.C.B.A. Winter Bowling Rendezvous,at Roll House of Wickliffe


  • 5th, E-Board Meeting 1930 at Lakeside Yacht Club
  • 9th, Part 2 of the G.C.B.A. Winter Bowling Rendezvous
  • 11th, General Meeting 1930 at To be announced
  • 29th, G.C.B.A. Winter Bowling Rendezvous Banquet at The Croatian Party Center in Eastlake Ohio


  • 4th, E-Board Meeting 1930 at Lakeside Yacht Club
  • 10th, General Meeting 1930 at Intercity Yacht Club                          Special Guest Speaker, The Gregg Group


  • 8th, E-Board Meeting 1930, at Lakeside Yacht Club Cancelled
  • 10th, General Meeting 1930, at Redbrook Boat Club Cancelled 


  • 6th, E-Board Meeting 1930 at Lakeside Yacht Club Cancelled due to the quarantine for COVID 19
  • 12th, General Meeting 1930 at River’s Edge Yacht Club, Cancelled due to the quarantine for COVID 19
  • Memorial Day Service at the U.S.S. Cod on May 25 To be determined if cancelled or not. 

June- There are no events scheduled at this time due to the COVID 19 virus. 

  • 3rd, E-Board Meeting, The Deck Lounge, Eastlake CX
  • 9th, General Meeting, 1930 at Edgewater Marine Boat Club           Special Speaker CX
  • 26th – 28th, G.C.B.A. Summer Rendezvous at The Huron Boat Basin CX


  • 2nd, E-Board Meeting 1930 at  Lakeside Yacht Club
  • 8th, General Meeting 1930 at Western Reserve Yacht Club


  • 7th, E-Board Meeting 1930 at Lakeside Yacht Club
  • 13th, General Meeting 1930 at To be determined


  • 4th, E-board Meeting 1930 at Lakeside Yacht Club
  •  Commander’s Ball, November 13-15 at  Radison Cleveland Airport in North Olmsted. Room rates are $89 per night with Breakfast.