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Department of Homeland Security

Homeland Security

GCBA regularly attends monthly meetings at the Ninth District Coast Guard station. We are notified of all alerts and notices to Mariners to keep our country and borders safe. Recently, we have some preliminary information as to what US Immigrations & Customs will require recreational boaters to do when traveling from the US and Canada. Please keep in mind that this information can change and could change on a day to day basis. Please check the website regularly for updates.

Requirements for boater traveling to Canada and back

Cleveland Lakefront Plan

      Since the summer of 2002, The GCBA has been actively involved in the Cleveland Lakefront planning process. We have a member of our Political Action  team as a representative for recreational boating on the Cleveland Lakefront Advisory Board. We have attended many public and committee meetings representing all boating interests on Cleveland's Lakefront.

 We have formed a Committee in GCBA called Recreational Boaters Protecting Cleveland's Waterfront. They have been meeting monthly to look at the plans, and keep a watchful eye on the Lakefront planning process. We are also trying to work with the City of Cleveland and the City Planning Commission to make our lakefront better for boating and for everyone that enjoys our entire lakefront.

As of September of 2005, the City of Cleveland has unveiled its master plan for Cleveland's Lakefront. Click on this link to see what the final plan looks like.


Cleveland Waterfront District Plan




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SB 786 Proposes to Curtail Free Data

from National Weather Service

     Free NOAA weather radio could go the way of the eight-track tape player if Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) has his way.

   Legislation introduced by Santorum, S. 786, would restrict NOAA’s broadcasting to emergency weather, like hurricanes and tornados and permit private companies like AccuWeather and The Weather Channel to get all of its daily weather information from NOAA for free. These companies would then turn around and sell the continuous weather updates to the public that NOAA used to provide free of charge.

Such a drastic change in the public’s access to critical weather information could endanger the safety of boat owners who routinely rely on this information to make basic decisions about when to head out of port or when to return. Boat U.S. has contacted each U.S. senator advising them of our opposition to this bill.

S. 786 would only allow NOAA to issue severe weather warnings to the public when conditions were life threatening. The bill would save no money for the government because in order to issue such warnings, all the routine data collection and monitoring work must go on regardless. In addition, the “non-critical” data for boaters, such as tides, wind direction, speed and movement of fronts, can be just as important as storm warnings.

Members are urged to contact their senators in opposition to S. 786 in a letter of your own, especially now that the hurricane season is here.

Boat US website information:


Future of Middle Bass Island for the Marina at the State Park

Please pass this information along to as many boaters as possible. 

Here is information concerning a meeting with the Ohio EPA regarding the future of the Marina at Middle Bass Island State Park. It is very important that we as recreational boaters attend this meeting. The environmental groups are planning to attend and make statements that the area is kept as natural wetlands and protected as possible. That means very little or no marina hardly at all. Please make an attempt to attend this very important meeting.  

    "Ohio EPA has put out the Public Notice (PN) for the ODNR 401 Application for the Middle Bass Island Marina and Campground Project.  It sets the public hearing and information meeting for Tuesday, October 11, 2005 starting at 1:00 PM at the town hall ( 985 Fox Road ).

  The PN also sets a deadline for comments (support or concerns) on the project for Tuesday, October 25, 2005 along with instructions for mailing any comments.  People do not have to come to the meeting to submit written comments.  The EPA would like those individuals/agencies that attend the public hearing meeting to also submit any comments presented at the meeting in writing.

Here's the address about concerning written comments on the Middle Bass Island marina project:

            Ohio EPA-DSW,

            Attention: Permits Processing Unit

            P.O. Box 1049

            Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049

by the end of business on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005.

It would be appropriate to address the letter to either

… Mr. George Elmaraghy, Chief, Division of Surface Water   or    OEPA’s Director, Joseph P. Koncelik